Bernardo Chua is the Founder and CEO of OrganoGold

Bernardo T. Chua is a native of Philippines and has operated for years within a multi-level marketing. When he began OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua was by then a successful businessman. Organo Gold is the leading provider of tea and coffee that is enriched with organic ganoderma mushrooms.

What made this new interest one of its types is due to connectivity with Bernardo’s duty and vision into taking the traditional Chinese herb (ganoderma) into other world regions. In 2008, Bernardo realized the need to establish a company that would take ganoderma lucidum to global level. After witnessing the benefits of ganoderma products within the Asian markets, Bernardo saw it good to sell his idea to the Western world.

In five years time of performance, Organo Gold was articulated by Direct Selling News as being the 55th greatest direct offering firm on the planet.

Bernardo has contributed an impressive measure of time training people about the different advantages of the herb. His training programs have really been with a big impact as they furnish the trust of clients and distributors to various institutions. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Organo Gold is based in Canada and has over one million Distributors around the globe. Bernardo and the association continue focusing on key ways to keep the business operations ahead of their competitors. That is one of the principle purposes the organization has thrived and developed to greater levels.

Bernardo Chua trusts the area of the Company in Canada, in one way or another promotes the product, being a country known for strict rules and regulations. That gives a large number of clients the peace of mind and trust. Any clear threats are discarded during herb testing and while every issue is tackled before distribution.

Bernardo Chua is a champion among the best investors in The Pacific Rim. In course of his career, Bernardo received various kinds of awards. some of the key ones are the Dangal ng Bayan Award and National Consumers Quality Award.

The National Shoppers Choice moreover recognized the association as the top direct offering organization in the sector of food items. With Organo Gold doing well, Bernardo Chua continues focusing his significant endeavors on streamlining his business to ensure it goes beyond limits.

The Impact of Environmental and Social Initiatives By Waiakea Water

Waiakea; famous Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the few superior bottled brands with an edge. It is established on a triple bottom line platform based on promoting environmental and social sustainability, achieving unique health benefits, and giving back to the community.

Waiakea was established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons when he realized a unique element in the water of the Waiakea Springs while on vacation with his family in Hawaii.

Ryan Emmons has built a successful brand because he has been able to incorporate emerging environmental and social trends into his business model. He aims to create a transformative change in the bottled water industry from the inside using Waiakea’s unique production methods.

By 2015, Waiakea had registered a 170% a yearly expansion rate on average and was valued at more than $10 million. Waiakea has grown from supplying thousands of cases per year to over 120,000 cases sold annually. Waiakea is now stocked in major retail, fitness and hospitality centers such as Bottega Louie, Gold’s Gym, Hi-Health, Lazy Acres, Wawa, Whole Foods, and other locations in 30 U.S states.

In response to the growing international recognition and demand, Waiakea opened a new production facility in Hawaii. In North America, the brand was among one of the most awarded beverage companies of 2015 competing with powerhouse brands such as Evian, Fiji, and SmartWater. Learn more about Waiakea water:

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea Water occurs naturally as both rainwater and melted snow from the Mauna Loa volcano, and this gives it its characteristic as volcanic water. It then percolates through numerous feet of porous volcanic rock where it absorbs minerals giving it a rich, naturally-alkaline taste.

The brand is also the first bottled water in the U.S to be awarded CarbonNeutral for its commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint. This is because Waiakea implements the use of rPET packaging, sustainable sourcing from an aquifer that has a recharge rate of 30 days, and a facility that boasts of using 33% renewable energy. Waiakea also engages in a reforestation program that ensures conservation of Hawaii’s natural forests.

By partnering with Pump Aid, Waiakea water is has supplied more than 500 million liters of clean water to dry areas around the world. This is made possible by the initiative that suggests that every one liter of Waiakea Volcanic Water sold will be used to supply 650 liters of clean water.

Waiakea water also supports educational and environmental initiatives in Hawaii such as Kupu, the Kama’aha Initiative, and INPEACE.

Whitney Wolfe, The Dating Facilitator

Whitney Wolfe will always be revered when it comes to online dating. Having experienced an abusive dating relationship she took it upon herself to transform her terrible experience into something useful to help other young women not to go through a similar situation as she did. She thrives on how to create a level playing ground for women empowerment and not about feminism power. She was led by these aspirations on which Bumble was founded.

Whitney Wolfe has humble beginnings, she attended high school and continued to obtain a university degree in international relations. She started a Help Us Project, non-profit organization following the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and Tender Heart, a clothing boutique and sold clothing made in Nepal to raise awareness of human trafficking and fair trade. Whitney Wolfe is most admired for her courage and selflessness when she traveled to faraway Northern Thailand and Cambodia to work in orphanages after graduating from college. The success of Bumble rests on her marketing skills as she is often referred to as “marketing genius” by marketing companies such as and Bloomberg.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a dating with a difference. It is an android app with a swiping mechanism that allows only the woman to initiate the contact. According to the Forbes magazine, Bumble has registered 11 million users as at January 2017. Using Bumble for dating has many advantages. The dating apps allow the woman make the first move to initiate a contact to start a matching process. This is compelling and resonates with a lot of users of dating sites. As the woman starts the conversation she will evidently have control that wards off male chauvinistic attitude often associated with courtship. As Whitney Wolfe stated when the woman being first to ask, the power goes to the woman which it takes the pressure off of the male to act in a macho aggressive manner. Given Whitley Wolfe’s troubling dating background, her mission is to persuade women dating that they deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.