Richard Blairs Wealth Solutions Chooses a 3 Pillar Approach to Offer Sound Investment Solutions

Richard Blair is a highly successful investment advisor who captured the respect of the residents of Austin by providing individualized and highest quality solutions based on their financial and investment needs. The founder of Wealth Solutions, a premier investment advisory firm located in Austin, has no compromise to provide the best options to his customers. Blair thinks everyone wants solid investment plans to achieve their financial goals. Due to that reason, he offers the best among the best in wealth management and retirement solutions to the people of Austin.



Interestingly, the firm works as an RIA or Registered Investment Advisory company. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions designed a unique approach in providing the most suitable solutions to the customers. The firm follows a three-pillar strategy in which Wealth Solutions analyses and concludes the financial condition of the clients and their retirement requirements quickly. Then, it comes up with a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the customers. While coming to pillar 1, it identifies the goals, strengths, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance of the customers. It also identifies where the customer comes from, to make a financial roadmap for them.



While coming to the pillar 2, it is used to create a long-term strategy to achieve the investment needs of the customers. During the process, both the liquidity needs as well as investment goals of the clients are met. Blair personally goes through accounts, reallocates, and manages the investments to ensure maximum performance based on the portfolio of the client. He uses a strategy of maximum profiting during the favorable times of market and works on precautionary measures to protect the assets from negative market trends. In pillar 3, Blair focuses on the insurance needs of the customers after establishing strategies for their investment goals. He usually goes for a mix of life insurance, long-term care, and annuities.



Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions by keeping a thought that he wanted to make a positive difference for families, individuals, small business owners, and more. His financial and investment journey started immediately after completing his college education, in 1993. In the year 1994, he established Wealth Solutions to offer personalized as well as professional investment advises to his clients. With consistent, high-quality advises, the firm is now regarded as one of the best investment solution advisors and providers in Texas State. Blair completed his graduation in Financial Management Services from the University of Houston.


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