Inspirational Health Care at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning network of care homes and independent audiology company based in the UK. The organization is care based and runs a group of supports homes in different locations proving care to Sussex Healthcare community. They organization has been in operation for about 20 years offering a range of services to improve the health of its clients. Its first facility was opened in 1985 and since then it has grown to 20 facilities. Just recently, Sussex health care opened a gym for the elderly where they help people mobility and other kinds of exercises. They have specialist who understand the areas of training to help patients gain movement. The group’s reputation improved over time in the Sussex community enabling it to grow its services among the disabled and the elderly.

The facilities are licensed to operate various age, audiology and other related disorders including; Dementia Alzheimer, Disability, Developmental disorders, Learning disabilities and Neurological disorders. The kind of audiology services that Sussex health care deals with include, assessing hearing loss related to age, fitting the hearing aids, aftercare of hearing aid and consultancy in the ENT clinics. For cognitive disabilities Sussex provides specialized care to adults to help them regain cognitive abilities.

Sussex heath care has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service mandated by Improving Quality in Physiological Services Standard (IQIPS). IQIPS is the national accreditation scheme for accreditation of Audiology services. It is accredited for Adult hearing services assessment, Otoscopy, Adult hearing services rehabilitation, hearing aid fitting and diagnostics.

Due to Sussex healthcare need to improve the health of people, it is therefore its mission that it aims to offer quality and the best care for every individual. It is unique that Sussex health care acts on its mission. Sussex not only has residents at its care homes but also at the community homes.

Sussex healthcare has had its fare of challenges but it has emerged victorious and performed very well. Its clients are known to talk well of the organization, some saying they are happy on the outcome of its services like the deaf aids. Other clients thank the care after seeing the improvement over their previous conditions. This positive feedback has grown the company to being one of the top audiology companies.

People choose Sussex health care because of its activities at their homes such gardening, swimming sewing and more that keep people active all the time. The organization serves many disabilities including physical and cognitive disabilities. The staff of the organization are well trained people who are capable of handling its clients well.

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