Sahm Adrangi Directing Businesses to Better Choices

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of the research-oriented investment firm called Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company does research coverage on both short- and long-term investments made by other companies. Kerrisdale Capital is also a provider of commentary on several industries, markets, and other topics. Kerrisdale Capital has had its headquarters in New York City for about ten years.

Sahm Adrangi has been operating as its Chief Investment Officer since he founded the business back in 2009. Adri has always been strongly involved with the development of his firm. He created it with a budget of under a million dollars but as later able to grow it to over 150 M as of July 2017.

Kerrisdale Capital does a lot of research and provided commentary on financial and investment choices as well as business strategies that other companies make. The corporation has focused on three industries in particular- the telecommunication, mining, and biotechnology. Kerrisdale Capital has published extensive articles about the choices of a large number of businesses within those three industries. The research-oriented corporation makes predictions but successes and failures, establishing itself as a knowledgeable authority in its line of work.

The founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital has a long history of achieving success in this line of work before he created his business. His name first became popular in the company in 2010 when he exposed a number of fraudulent companies. Mostly, Chinese companies, they were subjected to the scrutiny of Securities and Exchange Commission which took care of the findings and perpetrators.

In 2011, Sahm Adrangi continued doing research on other companies. He lads such projects at the Kerrisdale Capital as well, looking after the authority of the corporation in its line of work. In addition to that, Sahm Adrangi lends his expertise in collaborations with businesses in order to help them strengthen their own investment plans and business strategies for the future. Sahm Arangi has worked closely with the Lindsay Corporation Management for example.

Adrangi has established himself well in the business. He has a vast knowledge of Economics as he has achieved a bachelor’s degree in the field from the renowned Yale University.