Avaaz believes there is a Fighter in all of us

An opponent of 21st Century Fox has placed a bid to acquire Sky. This opposition has led to a legal battle about who holds the broadcasting License. Avaaz commented that the ruling of Ofcom by stating that is “fatally flawed by material errors of law, fact and reasoning.” Avaaz is currently seeking justice by looking for documents that are related to Fox`s dealings with Ofcom and to have communication with the culture secretary Karen Bradley. Ofcom offered some suggestions to Bradley and cleared Sky, who are currently undergoing assessment right now. Avaaz confessed they want minutes of meeting between Fox and Ofcom representatives. Avaaz is a civic group that started in 2007 and they believe in encouraging other to change the way the world to tackles global issues. Avaaz focuses on subject matters such as poverty, conflict, corruption, animal rights, human rights and climate change. Avaaz was created by the Res Publica but its co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. The goal of Avaaz is to inspire individuals to have the strength and courage to go out there to challenge global issues by tackling them. The movements of Avaaz comes in many forms such as forming petitions, protesting, emails, calling, and creating campaigns. Avaaz gives help wherever it is needed. Avaaz has given support to the revolt of the Syrian Civil War. Avaaz has helped the protesters by equipping them with communications with the internet. Avaaz believes that people should not limit themselves in whatever they do to make this world better.

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