Wealth Solutions Founder Richard Blair:Educating People About Financial Services

Investment advisor Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been providing clients in Austin, Texas with financial advice and investment solutions since 1994. A highly qualified, very experienced financial services professional, Richard Blair is a certified CAS, CFS, RICP and CES. A growing number of people see him as a resourceful partner they can depend on to grow, manage and protect their assets effectively. Through the Registered Investment Advisory firm Wealth Solutions, founder Richard Blair offers solid plans, retirement planning and wealth management services which allow investors to pursue their financial goals.


Richard Blair believes everyone needs a good plan for reaching their financial goals. He provides all clients with unbiased and objective advice. Blair also gives his clients sage financial advice which helps them to grow their investments while meeting their retirement needs. At Wealth Solutions, he uses an effective comprehensive three pillar approach. The company assesses the client’s financial situation and their retirement needs and designs a holistic plan customized to meet the goals and needs of each client.


Pillar 1 is creating a financial roadmap for clients based on their goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. Pillar 2 involves developing a long-term strategy to meet each client’s investment needs. It’s tailored to the specific investment goals and liquidity needs of the client. Blair reallocates their assets and manages them to ensure the client’s portfolio enjoys maximum performance and protection during negative periods in the market. In Pillar 3, Blair focuses on the client’s insurance needs including life insurance, long-term care and annuities.


A graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Richard Blair’s wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers and he has long had an interest in education. He has seen firsthand how education can increase people’s knowledge base and their confidence. After graduating in 1993, Blair started working in the financial services industry. The next year he founded Wealth Solutions and began providing individuals, families and small businesses with investment advice and financial services.


Combining his natural aptitude for finance with his love of education, Blair focuses on doing more than simply investing people’s money. Through his company he helps people by teaching them about effective ways to improve the outcomes of their investments and financial planning. In addition to his work with Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair also shares his knowledge of finance and investing through the Wealth Solutions Learning Center.


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