Securus Technologies Stands Out As Innovative Inmate Calling Network

Securus Technologies is known for being a technologically advanced inmate calling network regulator mandated by the government offering superior surveillance, and monitoring of inmate calls. It was very important for them to maintain the safety of the general public, and their president, Richard A. Smith says, going beyond incarceration to protect the public is a priority for their network. He has created an initiative to prevent telecommunications crimes throughout the network by limiting illegal money transfers, trafficking cellphones, and illegal trade. Today, Securus Technologies leads the industry as one of the largest inmate calling providers in the industry with rates preferred over their competitors $4 to $1.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


One of their most popular features at Securus is their video visitation feature. Their customers receive a highly interactive video, and sound features over the internet. See the ones you love in a correctional facility without ever leaving home.


Advanced Pay Options


Pay for Securus Technologies features in advance by participating in their advance pay options. Customers should have a valid credit, or debit card, and be eighteen years of age, older to participate in this service. Say goodbye to locating an authorized agent for inmate calling features.


You can become a part of the Securus network by ordering services discreetly off their website. They also offer a popular customer feedback forum to let you know what other customers are saying about their experience. Their services, and features are preferred over competitor networks 10 to 1. They remain committed to affordable quality service, and expanding their network. They proudly employee over 246,000+ IT professionals who are highly trained to assist you with your new, or existing account. You will love having a friendly trained, and knowledgeable customer representative to navigate you through their website, and features.


How I Planned A Successful Party Without Going Broke

It seems difficult to plan a party without overspending, but I have become an expert on planning an event when on a budget. I did have to look into event planning companies NYC for my last event, but I was able to hire someone without breaking the bank. The key is learning how to stretch every dollar without sacrificing the happiness of my guests. Here are my tips for planning a successful party without going broke.


Set The Budget: The first thing I did was set my budget and stick with it. I had to research and compare prices for decorations, caterers and venues, and I had to forget about anything that did not fit the budget. It was easier to buy supplies and hire professionals when I learned my limitations.


Accept The Budget: I know from experience that it is not easy to skip on certain meals or decorations, but it is not possible to host a big event on a small budget. The best thing I ever did was learn to accept and work with my budget. It gave me the opportunity to get creative with my event. I looked for recipes for tasty appetizers and created my own table decorations, and my guests loved the personal touch of the meals and decor.


Track The Expenses: It did not take me long to realize I had to watch my expenses like a hawk. I was obsessed with keeping track of how much I was spending, but it kept me from going over my set budget. I would advise anyone planning their own event to track their expenses several times a week.


When it was time for me to look for personal and corporate event planners NYC, I settled on Twenty Three Layers. The staff was reliable, professional and affordable enough for my event. They helped me with everything from selecting the venue to building a menu. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an event planner in the area.


Planning a party on a budget has become second nature to me, and I want to help others throw a successful party without going broke.