Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a Fabulous Shopping Resource

Good quality active wear with a program to assure you receive accurate sizing each time, would be the best way to describe Katy Hudson’s Fabletics online business. When you sign up for her program, you complete a few questions about yourself that helps them line you up with suggested clothing that would best fit your style and size. Each month they send you a link to your recommended collection for the month. Knowing you as a customer and offering you something that fits your needs is the key to their marketing plan. You can choose from a variety of outfits or choose to skip that month. Each piece is very well made with specific design detail around the concept of working out. There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from.


This reverse showroom technique is a large part of the success of Fabletics. Kate Hudson is a trusted celebrity name who represents the modern active healthy woman. Its no doubt anyone looking for active wear would be comfortable using products selected and represented by her. It also helps that there is Free Shipping for orders totaling $49.95 or more. Who isn’t looking for the convenience of shopping without leaving you home and not paying extra to have it delivered directly to you.


There is a large variety to select from. Anything from Yoga pants to Capri, shorts, skirts, jackets and even swimsuits. Whatever you need for your fitness activity. Even better, you can select from prints or solid patterns and know that the items will fit. The quality of the fabric is exceptional and breaths well under stress. Kate, personally models several of the outfits on the site while doing yoga, stretch or other activities to show the flexibility of the clothing. With a growth rate of 35% each year, someone can easily feel comfortable with the program as well as the clothing Fabletics has to offer. Value, Quality and a trusted name, simply provide the foundation for a successful web based business. It also helps that they offer a referral program as well. Refer a friend and receive $20, as well as special discount pricing for you friend. It is a WIN/WIN for both of you.

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