Whitney Wolfe, The Dating Facilitator

Whitney Wolfe will always be revered when it comes to online dating. Having experienced an abusive dating relationship she took it upon herself to transform her terrible experience into something useful to help other young women not to go through a similar situation as she did. She thrives on how to create a level playing ground for women empowerment and not about feminism power. She was led by these aspirations on which Bumble was founded.

Whitney Wolfe has humble beginnings, she attended high school and continued to obtain a university degree in international relations. She started a Help Us Project, non-profit organization following the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and Tender Heart, a clothing boutique and sold clothing made in Nepal to raise awareness of human trafficking and fair trade. Whitney Wolfe is most admired for her courage and selflessness when she traveled to faraway Northern Thailand and Cambodia to work in orphanages after graduating from college. The success of Bumble rests on her marketing skills as she is often referred to as “marketing genius” by marketing companies such as Medium.com and Bloomberg.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a dating with a difference. It is an android app with a swiping mechanism that allows only the woman to initiate the contact. According to the Forbes magazine, Bumble has registered 11 million users as at January 2017. Using Bumble for dating has many advantages. The dating apps allow the woman make the first move to initiate a contact to start a matching process. This is compelling and resonates with a lot of users of dating sites. As the woman starts the conversation she will evidently have control that wards off male chauvinistic attitude often associated with courtship. As Whitney Wolfe stated when the woman being first to ask, the power goes to the woman which it takes the pressure off of the male to act in a macho aggressive manner. Given Whitley Wolfe’s troubling dating background, her mission is to persuade women dating that they deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.